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civic center, no issues and san jose we have light conditions northbound 87, the julian exit, light traffic here and the exit at martinez in the c.h.p. it is on the right shoulder and out of lanes and no delays, just road work eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00 this morning. various lanes there. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, san jose mayor is preparing to talk about his vision for the coming year in the state of the city address amid new polls that residents could be having a change of heart on higher taxes. now a preview of that. >> the mayor will build his state of the city address around a word that normally no one wants to hear, taxes. tonight, the mayor 8 call on community leaders to organize a campaign for city seals tax --
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sales tax to restore money to city workers who took cuts. residents are willing to pay new taxes with 70 percent support for a .25 sales tax increase and 57 percent for half a cent sales tax increase. the earliest this would be on the ballot is next year. folks here in san jose have voted four times to aprove sales tax increases since the mayor has taken office back in 2007 and it is not clear if another will fly. we will find out tonight when the mayor makes his state of the city address tonight. >> right now we have breaking news to tell you about in southern california. three police officers have been shot, two in riverside and one
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in corona. this is over riverside where the police department says an officer was killed. reports say the shootings could be related to a suspect wanted in connection of a double murder in irving. this has gotten a lot of attention in southern california. a cal state basketball coach and her fiance were shot to death and police want to talk to a man, a former lapd police officer and navy reservist who has been on record saying he wants to kill police officers. we will have more on this story as the information is available. >> other news, police are revealing new evidence if a 1984 disappearance of kevin collins, investigators have released these two to toes of the man identified at wayne jackson but he used a number of fake names including dan therrien the name he was using when he died in
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1988. jackson had a history of child molestation including the sexual assault of two kids in canada. he got out of prison in 1984, the same year that kevin collins was abducted at age ten. he lived a block away from where collins disappeared. >> the individual with five names that now we know had a history of molesting young boys, he should haven a much stronger suspect. authorities dug up the garage on masonic and found what appears to be animal bones that are tested in analyzed. >> fairfield police are asking for your help in the killer of a 13-year-old, the guardian also reported her missing last thursday evening. the girl's naked body was found friday morning at the park. investigators say an autopsy confirmed she was killed. they will not say how.
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police are also not releasing any information of possible suspects or suspicious vehicles. a surveillance video shows her alive on thursday afternoon near railroad avenue four miles from where she was found dead. police are asking businesses in the area to share their surveillance video. >> autopsies will be conducted on the three men found shot to death in sonoma county. the investigators believe they were killed on tuesday in a drug deal gone bad. the mother of a victim was staying at the house where they were found. investigators say evidence at the scene and interviews indicate that the three men were attempting to buy a large amount of pot. the killer is still on the loose. >> san francisco supervisor is holding a public hearing on the rise of smartphone robberies on public transportation and city streets. the san francisco police department and the d.a. will deliver reports and discuss prevention strategies to combat the increasing robberies involving mobile devices such as smartphones and ipads. nearly half of all robberies
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last year in the city involve mobile devices. the meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. at city hall. >> president obama's nominee for c.i.a. director, john brennan, will be in the spotlight on capitol hill today. he is expected to come underfire at the confirmation hearing for supporting the c.i.a.'s controversial drone program and the bushel enhanced entering tactics. we go to washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen. today we get a rare public look into the u.s. secret drone program that president obama has used more than president bush that has come under heavy criticism. >> president obama's pick for c.i.a. director, john brennan, could face serious heat from members of the president's own party at the confirmation hearing this afternoon, democrats will likely demand answers about the use of unmanned drones to attack u.s. enemies overseas. brennan is the point person on drones, who signs off on the "kill" list.
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>> i suggest that these targeted strikes against al qaeda terrorists be ethical and just. >> the use of drones has grown 700 percent under the obama administration. we learned yesterday that america has a secret base in saudi arabia used to launch drones throughout the region. lawmakers will raise questions of a newly covered justice department document saying that american citizens are tied to al qaeda can be killed if "an informed high level official believed the target pose as threat." you government can do so without clear evidence. >> some disagree. as that justifies essentially a claim that the executive branch can be judge, jury, and executioner. >> drone strikes are controversial. pakistan has had 300 drone strikes in the last decade, killing thousands of terrorists but also more than 300 civilians. the retired general who ran the military's drone strike program things there should be discussion of their use.
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>> if the threshhold is too low and we are too casual about it we forget how much scar tissue we build up in those countries. >> the white house defends the drone program and says it will provide congressional committees classified information about the strikes. reporting live in washington, dc, for abc7. >> thank you. it is now 5:08. the burning question: when is the rain going to start? >> the it be in your morning commute? >> in the north bay, yes, that is where live doppler 7 hd is dialed in. you can see in this area at valley ford, that is where we have some light rain showing up on the radar. this is very, very light but it is enough to coat the ground is it could make the commute rather interesting. moving up further to the north you can see around windsor to
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forestville we have wet weather and east side road and west side road and river road, all those areas potentially getting wet. more up to the north and colder air that could bring us a chance of thunderstorms headed deeper into the forecast. rain in the not bay from now through 7:00 moving through the heart of the bay from 9:00 until noon and exit the south bay when we will have showers develop in the afternoon and a better chance in the evening. thunder is possible overnight with small hail and snow level down to 2,500 through tomorrow morning and we will clear out friday evening and it will be fine for the festivities then and through the weekend we will have sunshine and temperatures nearing 60 by sunday. sue? >> we have very light conditions out there. 5:10 if your travels take you to walnut creek this is southbound 680 the tail lights headed beyond the north main curb to 24, northbound direction the
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headlights are headed to pleasant hills with no delays, and the bay bridge is light for the thursday morning drive and looking good there, we have road work eastbound four until 5:30 this morning and westbound the drive out of antioch is looking good at this hour with above the limit there and bart and muni and caltrain is on type and the vallejo ferry is a bus this afternoon because of a problem as well as this afternoon. >> next, why nettism is happy about the postal service plan to cut saturday mail delivery. but first america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, signs of a major airline merger, american airlines and us airways close to a deal that could be announced next woo that -- next week that
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would be the largest airline. and americans are getting smaller portions at restaurants, and they are not always cheaper to make they pay off for restaurants. reaction online was swift to the decision to drop the iron token and replace it with a cat. a fan complained the irron was the favorite and another says it the favorite and another says it is about timelet's play:
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on this thursday. this is the embarcardero in san francisco looking eastward to the bay bridge. we have a some clouds and a bit of a storm. we have the sprinkles to the north and mike nicco will tell us when it could hit your area. that is ahead. >> the post office plans to drop saturday mail delivery is good news for netflix which could convince more to get movies streamed over the internet than delivered to the mail box because dvd's that used to arrive on friday will now be delivered on monday. the change could reduce netflix $300 million per year mailing expenses. the post office plans to stop saturday delivery in august.
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>> chicago police officer suing the city to overtime he is owed for answering the chrome phone -- answering the cell phone off duty, saying after hours answering constitutes work. the police sergeant claims the officers pressured to answer work-related call thes and e-mails but told not to file to overtime. the city says that they have work policies in place allowing police officers to request overtime. >> the state fish and game commission decided not to stop a controversial coyote hunting contest that is set to take place in the northeast part of the state. the goal is to see who can kill the most coyotes. animal advocates stay is inhumane and concern that the first wild wolf known in california in years could be in the same area. >> legitimate concern that he could be killed by a coyote
5:15 am
hunter. >> we will advise to hunters on the day of the event the gray wolf is a state and federally protected animal and the shooting of a wolf would be a violation of such law. >> the commission says it will look into whether it has the authority to regulate similar contests in the future. >> the state fish and game commission is taking the first step to putting the great white shark on the endangered species lited. there are only around 200 great whites on the west coast left so slow they are on the brink of extinction. the main cause of death is fishing nets. commercial fishermen saying this will make it more difficult to fish for other crewtures. a final decision is expected next year. >> today, king tides will be out there to greet you. >> higher tides today and we will pinpoint where in a second. also, getting around the obstacle is the rain on the land this morning and through the
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day. from emeryville to san francisco you can see the thickened clouds. where are the best radar returns? live doppler 7 hd shows we are in the north bay coming in from the northwest so we have the radar up there getting the radar returns from petaluma and valley ford road to occidental and santa rosa and cloverdale headed mostly from west to east the next couple of hours. the temperatures show mostly dry but cooler with upper 30's around fairfield, napa, livermore and redwood city and los gatos. 48 in oakland and 47 in san francisco. santa cruz at 41, the cooler spots in the low-to-mid 40's and inland, salinas is 46. today, we have rain through the
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morning hours and a scattering of showers in the afternoon, evening,or night hours where this is enough energy for thunder and small hail and snow down to 2,500'. when the storm passes we will have warmer weather for the weekend and sunshine. the cold front is coming down, the steady rain initially and behind that is the low pressure, and we will get the energy for the thunderstorms and the possibility of hail and snow levels that are very low. through 9:00 or 10:00 you can see the rain is in the north bay and it moves through the heart of the bay from 9:00 through 1:00 o'clock and the exits the south by at 2:00 with scattered showers in the evening and overnight hours and snow to the north and the north bay mountains and snow on mount hamilton getting a couple of is and headed to tomorrow afternoon the sunshine breaks out and looks like our rainfall amounts
5:18 am
are light. up to .5" if you are caught under the strong thunderstorm. the tides are highest at 8:33. tomorrow, at 9:28 in the morning. saturday at 10:21. throw mid-50's today and tomorrow and mid-50's on saturday and up to mid-60's sunday through wednesday. >> back to the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving nicely to the high-rise toward foster city with no delays westbound or eastbound direction between the peninsula and hayward. road work over the waldo, between the tunnel and the north end of the golden gate bridge to be picked up in ten minutes and then four lanes for the southbound commute on the bridge and getting sluggish out of tracy in the central valley and it picks up and looks good into dublin/pleasanton with road work northbound 87 the ramp to 280
5:19 am
until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> the fed tries to explain a hacking attack. that is straight ahead. >> is google scanning your gmail to help their bottom line? microsoft wants you to think so. >> a big announcement from robin roberts and when slow is returning to "good morning america" anchor deck. >> today we have very scandalous guests from "scandal," and she is a dc insider and friendly with the obama's. she is very politically active and interesting and we will hear from mike tyson, also who has scandal in his past coming up
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>> microsoft is renewing a war with google in a new campaign. microsoft is urging people to dump g mail for over privacy concerns. gmail scans your personal e-mails to better target ads. a new microsoft poll shows nine in ten americas disapprove of the practice. outlook is mike's e-mail service that scans e-mail to filter spam but not target ads. g-mail is closing in onia look as the number one provider and microsoft trails. >> a rare baseball card did not get the predicted $100,000 at auction but it got close. the picture of the 1865 brooklyn
5:23 am
atlantic team was discovered at a yard sale in maine and the winning mid was $92,000. the bidder's name is not released. the card is not like the modern day counterparts but is an actual photograph on thin paper mounted on thicker paper. the only other copy of that photo is in the library of congress. >> american airlines and us airways could be ready to land a merger. >> now the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, sources say us airways and american airlines are trying to agree on terms of a merger by february 15th but they have not decided on ownership and who leads the carrier. a deal would create the largest airline. boeing is considering tweaking the battery design of the 787 dreamliner to reduce fire risk while they work on a permanent fix. the "wall street journal" says this could be meaning that the
5:24 am
new flights will resume. >> the federal reserve has been hacked on a website used to stay in touch with banks during emergencies. a group claiming to responsible is. >> none miscellaneous." the fed ises nothing critical was affected. >> mixed closed yesterday, not much movement in either distribution. >> do you know where your umbrella is or patience in the north bay? that is where we find the radar returns through most of the morning commute you can see it sliding south across the bay area and mid-afternoon keeping the temperatures in the throw mid-50's and the bulk of the wet weather is to the north moving east. we will have wet weather from big sir through modesto through tahoe. headed to the south we will have 60's in los angeles and 75 in
5:25 am
palm springs. we have a winter weather advisory in the sierra with possibly 3" of snow possible so there will be chain controls and travel delays. >> the bay bridge is moving nicely into san francisco with no delays. no problems on the western portion of the span. bart and muni and caltrain is a great way to go this only but vallejo ferry is not a boat. you are transferred to a bus because of mechanical problems, again, this morning. otherwise, eastbound dumbarton bridge headeds up for another half an hour. >> and robin roberts will return to the anchor desk on february 20th, five months to the day since she underwent a bone marrow transplant to treat a rare blood disorder. she has been rehearsing at the
5:26 am
"good morning america" studio to get ready for a big return and now she has "all clear" from the doctors. more is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 right here on abc7. we have a date, february 20. >> dreamliner jets remain grounded around the world, so why is the 787 getting ready to take to the sky before a potentially dangerous problem is fixed? >> first, the coast guard wants to avoid scenes like this, with a new
5:27 am
5:28 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, on thursday. thanks for waking up and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> the weather is making the news. rain on the way and high tides. >> the rain could come during the height of the commute?
5:29 am
mike? >> in the north bay, i would be worried from now through 9:00 so the entire morning commute you will have waves of rain. right now, stony point road and the heart of santa rosa the light rain is falling. the bigger picture shows rain mainly stuck in the north bay until 9:00. temperatures today in the low-to-mid 50's but expect to get wet from, say, 7:00 until noon across the bay. over to 680 or highway 84, the wave map shows the intersection, a ramp has a car fire on the shoulder. there is no slow traffic. this is the ramp to north 680, a free app available at apple app and google play. elsewhere, road work out there at 237, the ramp to northbound
5:30 am
880 is closed or partly shut down until 6:00 this morning and northbound 880, right slain blocked until 7:00 with road work. kristen and eric? >> we have breaking news from southern california. police say three officers have been shot this morning, the riverside police department says one officer was killed. another officer was shot and wounded along with a third officer with no word on their conditions. you are looking at video from our sister station in los angeles over the massive search underway for the suspected gunman. there is blue alert activated for chris dorner. the shootings could be connected. this is a picture of christopher dorner, a former los angeles officer and navy reservist wanted for the weekend murder of a cal state basketball coach and her fiance, a popular couple. it could be revenge.
5:31 am
dodger wrote threatening to kill law enforcement officials and implicated himself in the deaths. he is considered "arms and dangerous." call if you spot him. he was in a gray nissan but he is swapping out the license plates plates so we are just bringing the breaking news. >> in the bay area, it could get interesting today. showers are running to the bay area this morning and so are the especially high tides. our news reporter is live in sausalito with more on the weather this morning. amy? >> no rain yet but the national weather service is already issuing a beach hazard advisory and they are expecting larger waves than normal starting today and the coast guard is on alert. crews did drills and practiced the rescue operation. there has been such a dangerous winter they are worried about
5:32 am
what the weekend will bring. seven people in northern california have drawned in the past couple of months. two cases people drowned to rescue their dog in the water. ayour dog is swept away, do not go in after. mostly the larger dogs are meant for swimming and they will be fine. most of the time what we have seen is the dogs make it back. the people don't. >> the bigg net right -- big threat are the sneaker waves, an unusually large wave that literally sneaks up on you, it catches you off guard. this is the dangerous time of year at the coast. this weekend the threat is increasing. the warning is, be sure and admire the beauty we have in northern california from a safe distance. live in sausalito for abc7 news. >> this morning, the san francisco police investigators are asking for the public's health in the 1984 disappearance
5:33 am
of kevin collins, a story you heard on abc7 on tuesday. there are new photos of a "person of interest" in the case who used a number of ailiases including dan therrien, the name he used when he died in 2008. hook at the pictures to see if you remember him 29 years ago. jackson had a history of child molestation including the sexual assault of two kids in canada. he gout out of prison in 1984th same year that collins was abducted using a different name, dan therrien which he used that name until he died living a block away from where collins disappeared as he waited for the bus. >> discourageing. it looks like now they are doing what they can. we had our office right next door to where this guy was. we were there for we six months and he lived there the whole time probably loving at us. >> last week, authorities dug under the garage of his house
5:34 am
and found what appears to be animal bones which are now being analyzeed. >> developing news, san jose police are searching for a suspect who escaped by stealing a police van while handcuffed. authorities say the 32-year-old sanchez was initially arrested on drug-related warrants around 3:30 yesterday. they say sanchez was uncomfortable in cuffs because he weighs 275 pounds so the officers did him a favor and linked him to two sets of handcuffs. police say sanchez stretched his armed under him, slipped the legs through the cuffed arms took off in the van which had the keys in the ignition. they found the van a mile away two hours later and sanchez was not in it. he was on probation for drug charges but will now face new charges for stealing the van. >> san francisco muni officials are trying to determine why a warning alarm failed when a bolt
5:35 am
was stuck in the cable trucks that sent seven to the hospital including the gripman, the conductor and passengers. we were at the seen at powell and washington state. the cable car came to a sudden stop when it hit 1.5 itch bolt from a cover. an alarm should have gone up to indicate something there. >> one of the boeing 787 dreamliner's is okayed for the fleet tote although they have been grounded worldwide because of battery problems. katie marzullo is live with more on this flight and the safety investigation that is ongoing. >> in a few hours the national transportation and safety board will give an update on the investigation into the january 7th fire on a boeing 787 dreamliner and will publicly question whether the f.a.a. and boeing adequately tested the battery that caught fire. the f.a.a. approved a one-time special flight permit for boeing allowing them to fly a boeing
5:36 am
787 dreamliner from texas to washington state to test the battery. the only one on board are those operate operating the flight and the crew. they will land if there is a problem immediately. bowing is proposing a series of battery-design changes if it will minimize the risk of fire. the company says the changes will about grounded jets to fly again while continuing to search for a longer-term fix. any changes would require approval from u.s. and japanese regulators. the associated press reports united airlines is taking the 787 out of the flying plans for the rest of february and united is planning to start new flights from denver to tokyo on march 31st. japan's all nippon has canceled their 787 flights through march 30th. >> president obama is attending the national prayer breakfast in
5:37 am
washington, dc this morning, and the president and the first lady arrived half an hour ago and this is a live picture of president obama ready to speak. he will address matters of faith at the 61st annual gathering of religious community and political leaders. the event is sponsored by the evangelical fellowship foundation and is held at the hilton international and providing a venue for the president to deliver the first major remarks to america's faith community since he announces his support for bay marriage. >> house democrats will vaughan 15 proposals for curbing gun violence on capitol hill this morning. the proposals mirror the president's plan calling for ban assault weapons, barring magazines that carry more than ten rounds and requiring background checks on all gun sales. gulf of mexico safety -- gun safety advocates will hold a vigil, and the senate will close
5:38 am
loopholes in california. >> the marin county district attorney will make good on all cash voucher on a gun buyback. the $43,000 set aside ran out in 90 minutes last month. the county issued vouchers instead, the $70,000 shortfall is covered by private donations. the board of supervisors say redeem your voucher fender bender at the marin civic center >> time for a check on the forecast. >> how far north do we have to go to see something hitting the ground? >> we will check with mike. >> the only recording station that shows rain is santa rosa but you can see on the radar runs we have a good chance of something reaching the ground. and point reyes road right
5:39 am
there. watch out for slick streets. big picture, most of the rain to the north right now where it will stay through 7:00. when we are beyond the morning rush, 9:00 to noon, it will exit the south bay at 1:00 o'clock or 2:00, and when it passes, the showers develop in the evening and overnight hours and the next energy has more power with it but not so much moisture. thunder is possible, and small hail dug the evening and overnight and snow down to 2,500'. times are near 50 at noon and low-to-mid 50's in the afternoon. a chance of showers tomorrow morning and sunshine and temperatures nears the mid-50's to 60's for the weekend. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza looking good, with no delays moving to the upper deck with the incline section everything is at the limit but slowing reaching the tunnel through the s-curve and the western portion
5:40 am
of the span is looking good to the city. all mass transit on time. the vallejo ferry has a change, with no boat. he will come to the city on a bus with morning and the afternoon ferry being out. we have a downed tree southbound 13 blocking the right lane. the drive times show over the altamont pass to dublin/pleasanton, highway four, west, and the east shore commute to the macarthur maze. >> perfect credit and a whopping downpayment? still may not be enough to buy a home with potential buyers getting squeezed out of the bay area housing market. >> new headache facing lance
5:41 am
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5:43 am
>> san ramon and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, new this morning, students are closer to getting college credit for taking free online classes. today, the american council on education will announce they recommend degree credit for five undergraduate courses offered by a palo alto-based company. the courts are free but students need to pay between $100 and $1930 to get credit for the
5:44 am
class. they offer online classes from leading universities including stanford and duke. >> record numbers of people are buying homes with cash. it is changing the way homes are sold in the bay area. state-wide, 146,000 homes were purchased with no financing last year. in the bay area that is 26,000 homes and that makes it tough for some buyers whose higher offer could be rejected in favor of cash. >> selling agent told us we had the higher overall offer without they accepted an all cash offer because it was close enough and they want add quick close and all that. >> it is not just first time buyers in the $400,000 range but affects the $1.5 million and $2 million range. >> it used to be downsizing empty nesters who paid cash but now others are cashing out stock options. >> tee off is 8:00 a.m. in pebble beach national pro-am.
5:45 am
yesterday a few of the more well-known amateurs remain wad up for the game, including andy garcia andibility -- and also bill maher d bill murray. >> how is it looking? >> i never know. >> look at that. that hat looks better on andy garcia ya. >> any predictions? >> predictions? early spring. that is that a reference from? >> something about ground hogs. during the day. >> and celebrities raised $104,000 for charities. >> what does the real wets man say? >> i hope not we need more rain and snow. everyone would lake the warm
5:46 am
weather but we are critical for that. we have rain out there. to the southeast, we have nothing. to the bay bridge, no reports. dilling up live doppler 7 hd, here are radar runs. in the north bay, we will show you where it is happening. they are scattered. they are light. around valley ford and bodega and the storms moving from west to east. the line is going to slowly sink south headed through the day today. all of us will be touched by light rain. first, take the umbrella. maybe not so heavy as coat as yesterday. napa and livermore and redwood city and los gatos in the upper 30's. everyone else in the low-to-mid
5:47 am
40's and oakland and san francisco at 47. around monterey bay we have low-to-mid 40's and cooler in gilroy at 35 degrees. this morning, we have rain, transitioning to the cold air we squeeze out showers and tonight through tomorrow morning we have a chance of thunder and small hail and snow on the highest mountains. dry and warmer for the weekend. cold front moving through. the moisture is to the north. cold front comes through with steady rain. the trough of low pressure is behind us and we will have scatter showered. zooming on down, at 7:00, we have the best chance of rain in the north bay. by noon it is moving through the heart of the bay to the south bay by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 it will be out of here and you have scattered showers developing in the evening and overnight with snow on mount hamilton. friday morning we wake up to scattered showers. headed in the afternoon we have partly cloudy and dry afternoon.
5:48 am
that means the evening festivities on friday are dry but cooler than today. rainfall amounts, we get up to a third and the highest tides are in the morning. 8:33 today, 9:28 tomorrow and 10:21 only saturday. low-to-mid 50's today and tomorrow, and mid-50's to nearing 60 by sunday and more 60's next week. >> to walnut creek area if you are going southbound out of concord, here is a live look with the tail lights headed to 24, everything is moving at the limit with no problems through the san ramon valley and busy in san jose at 87 northbound moving pass the h.p. pavilion and we are slowing now out of antioch. it is jammed moving to the
5:49 am
pittsburg area. >> a texas promotions company will file suit against lance armstrong to recover millions of dollars in bonuses it paid for winning the tour de france seven times. the company paid armstrong $12 million. they want the money back and fees fees and interest now that lance armstrong has been stripped of the victories. armstrong has reversed course and agreed to a deal to testify about doping in the cycling after learning he was the target of a federal criminal investigation. >> bad hair day may not be just for your look, it could have an impact on your health. >> how does a leisurely stroll on the new bay bridge sound? when you might be able to do just that. >> coming up at 6:00, how do bay area college students compare to others around the country for others around the country for donating their well, well, well.
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>> back do breaking news in southern california, you are looking at the scene in riverside where we have two officers shot, one shot dead, and another officer was shot in corona so three officers are shot total. records are saying the shootings could be related to a suspect they are now looking for, a man who was wanted in connection with a double murder in irving
5:53 am
involving a very popular couple, cal state fullerton basketball coach and her fiance. they are saying the suspect may have changed his license plate. they are looking no the car right now. they are saying the suspect is christopher dorner, a former lapd liver and a unable reservist and has been threat being police officers. more coming up on this. >> if you have wanted to walk across the bay area, you could get a chance. a proposed labor day grand opening celebration including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the trip from oakland to san francisco, letting up to 125,000 people walk across the bridge before the span opens to traffic. the proposal am will be discussed next week. the bridge will be closed if four days over labor day weekend and scheduled to open september 3rd. >> if you are taking a walk this
5:54 am
morning you may want to check the forecast. some of the morning could be wet. >> maybe plan some umbrellas along the route. >> we are checking out light radar runs down 101 through pepper road to petaluma, you can see main street and bodega avenue, the areas getting wet right new. the storm system, the heart, is ready to move across the state down to big sur and modesto by noon. if you want to go to tahoe, 3 to 7" with chains this morning until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. check that out. >> a nice drive from hayward to foster city and getting busy
5:55 am
with the tail lights headed in the westbound direction to the high-rise and over to the san mateo area at 15 to 17 minute drive. bart and muni and caltrain are on top and vallejo ferry, again, is a bus rather then a boat to get to san francisco because of mechanical problems for the afternoon and morning commute. the tree is still blocking southbound 13 in oakland hills. >> bad dare can be bad if your health. researchers found men and women are affected when they do not feel good about their hair. the study shows people may underperform at work and feel less confident on bad hair days just the perception can make you feel less intelligent than others. keep in mind this study was commissioned by a beauty product maker.
5:56 am
>> we are continuing to follow breaking news from southern california, three police officers shot in riverside county overnight and a former officer is the suspect. we have an update next. >> people in the bay area's largest city say they are willing to do to
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:00. thank you for joining us, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. what do you have, mike? >> radar returns at redwood drive and petaluma hill road, those areas possibly getting light rain right now. good morning, everyone. have your umbrella handy in the north bay. you need patience.
5:59 am
this is where the bulk of the rain will fall. up in the north bay. you can see it right there, live doppler 7 hd, tracking it moving from west to east across the north bay, the whole line will start moving south but probably not in the heart of the bay until after the morning commute. the rain moving in to the north bay and is steady as we get to 7:00 or 8:00 and 37 to 47 so still chilly. once the initial line pushing through the south bay the rest of the afternoon has showers developing and they get stronger in the evening and overnight with thunder, small hail, and snow on our main ton tonya -- mn top. >> the upper deck is moving well, 601 has slowing to the tunnel and the s-curve but otherwise a nice ride to san francisco. reports of a

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